What is Retargeting?

Have you ever visited a site, browsed around but didn’t make a purchase and then later on you saw Ads from the same company urging you to purchase the same item you were looking for from the same company? If so, then you were re-targeted.

Web-based marketing techniques are clever ways to drive web traffic to sites and improve sales. However, after doing the hard work of driving traffic to your site, only a fraction of those visitors make purchases. While all the players (clients and marketers) know it’s a numbers game, a new concept has been invented to boost these numbers and make web marketing more effective. That new technique is re-targeting.

Re-targeting is a clever concept designed to recoup lost sales. As the name suggests, the technique re-targets people who may have searched for a product or visited a site but did not complete the intended action of making a purchase. No matter the size of traffic received by a site, the end goal is to have the visitors make a sale. When this doesn’t happen, one can assume the visitor was either not ready to buy or was not convinced enough to buy. Having already put some energy to fish for the visitor, re-targeting seeks to make the extra effort to lead the visitor back to the site again, this time for a sale.

When used as part of a combined strategy to generate traffic through Organic Search Engine Optimization, or Pay Per Click Advertise to generate traffic, re-targeting can multiply conversion by as much as 5 times!

How Does this work?
Sites that use re-targeting techniques have cookie settings that track the visitors that visit the site. When one visits such a site, a cookie is delivered to the visitor’s computer – sort of like a marker. The re-targeted site can then monitor which visitors made purchases and which didn’t. The site then works with a re-targeting agency to re-target those who didn’t make a sale. This works by placing Ads for the products they didn’t buy on their browsers.

Take a site like this one about buying and selling Real Estate in Cabo: Cabo San Lucas Real Estate. People seeking property information visit the site. That visitor leaves, and does not bookmark the site. Over the next few weeks that visitor sees ads for the site, keeping it in their mind, and allowing them to go back to the same site. This is especially important for websites that promote big ticket items that people think about for a while, like Real Estate.

Does re-targeting work?
Re-targeting is a highly effective technique. This is because it targets consumers who have already shown previous interest in a commodity or service. In most cases, these people only need to be reminded or nudged slightly to finally complete the sale. While not everyone re-targeted will go back to the site and complete a sale, the turnover is far above that of any other marketing technique out there.

The client also gets to focus only on people who have a high chance of completing a sale instead of launching a general approach to marketing. By pin-pointing individuals in this manner, the client spends less in Ads and therefore enjoys a very high ROI.

Top 10 Social Media Sites For Promoting Your SIte

The number of social media sites that are available in the world today is unlimited. But then if you have to rank them, the number will be limited to those that are well known and are known to be used across the world by a significant number of people. Research results show that the most popular top ten social media websites keep changing from time to time. This is occasioned by the entry of new sites into the market which in turn brings about competition to the existing websites. The tough competitive edge brought about by the new sites often end up edging out those sites that do not seem to have the capacity to adjusts to the dynamic nature of the internet technology.

This is indeed by far the most common social networking site with close to a nine billion unique visitors monthly; this would seem like an abnormal statistic considering that the world is actually composed of only seven billion inhabitants and that perhaps not everyone owns a Facebook account. But then if you consider the fact that these users comprise businesses, public figures and individuals who hold more than one account, then it somehow adds up. Facebook users share pictures, experiences and networking with close-knight associates known as friends. FB Ads is another really powerful method of promoting your IM Projects.

Coming second after Facebook, it boasts an approximate figure of three billion users per month. It’s more or less like Facebook because it focuses on sharing picture and stories with close friends.

This is a social site where professionals get to share experiences and ideas that concern their careers. It is also used by many to seek encouragement and advice on how best they can develop their portfolios and career advancements

It has an estimated number of about a billion visitors monthly. It mainly focuses on sharing pictures and stories attached to the pictures.

Google plus+
This perhaps is one of the most known websites owing to the fact that it is a subsidiary of the Google search engine. It is one of the media platforms among the famous Google accounts and whenever you are signed to any of these, you get to have chance to be member of Google plus+.

It has an estimated number of close to a billion visitors monthly. According to some web reviews, its popularity is neck to neck with that of Google plus+ and instagram.

Yahoo Answers
It is yet another social media site that is a subsidiary of a well-known search engine. It has a total of close to twenty three million visitors weekly and ranks seventh out of 21 of most visited websites in the United States. It mostly focuses on sharing stories from across the sword as well as supplementing other roles through its messaging tool- Yahoo mail. It is one of the most easily recognizable websites owing to its purple corporate color


This perhaps is little known but it commands an incredible following of close to twenty million users. It enables you to meet new people and is often used with other social media sites such as Facebook and twitter

It is perhaps one of the most recognizable social media sites due to its rapidly growing popularity. It mainly focuses on sharing of pictures with cutting edge technology on picture manipulations. It is perhaps one of those whose growth is projected to propagate immensely owing to its popularity and the likability it commands with techno savvy citizens

The original Social Media Site! Started its operation at almost the same time as Facebook, it has maintained a presence within the United States where it commands a huge following.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

These past few years has seen a lot of evolution as regards information technology. Key among the areas is internet marketing and in particular affiliate marketing. The reason for this new surge I a new model in marketing sis because many people have no realized that they can improve their businesses by engaging in marketing through the internet. The internet has provided a platform with which many people are able to expand the scopes of their business by a great margin. As a result, many can now reach out to markets they only dreamed of before. If you look at the market as it is currently, you will realize that affiliate marketing now plays a major role in major business across the globe. This therefore will necessitate the need to understand what affiliate marketing is all about in context.
Affiliate Cash
Pay-per-click marketing
There are different forms of affiliate marketing. Each and every one of these types operates with closely related principles. The first and foremost of these is what is commonly known as pay- per- click marketing. This is perhaps the most popular form of affiliate marketing among those businesses with smaller websites. It is also among the easiest ways to earn money on the internet. It involves a strategy where the webhost places links on the website. These links often lead the website that contains information on the products of the client in question. What happens is that each time a shopper clicks on these links the affiliate earns commission. The commission is therefore paid as per the number of guests who visit the site and clicks on the links. Even though this may seem like a very easy and straight forward way to earn money, the commission is usually small compared to the rest of the affiliate marketing techniques.

Pay-per-sale marketing
This is another common type of affiliate marketing today. This type of affiliate marketing works more or less in the same way as pay-per-click only that the client only pays the affiliate on the number of sales that are made successfully. So in the same manner as the former, the affiliate places the advertisement on their website with a link to their client’s website. The customer will in turn click on the link and follow it to the customer’s products, but then the commission will only be paid if the customer decides to make purchases on the products successfully. The beauty of this type of affiliate marketing is that the commission is usually relatively substantial in comparison to the former. There are some great programs available that teach you how to do this type of marketing, such as Commission Checklist.

Pay-per-performance marketing
This is yet another type of affiliate marketing and by far it is one of the highest paying in the industry. In this case the affiliate only get to earn a commission if the action he engages in translates into a response by the shopper in say- a purchase made. The purchase in this came will refer to any product within the company’s line of products irrespective of the product advertised by the affiliate. The commission in this kind of marketing is usually in the range of 10%- 15% which by market standards one of the highest there is. Be sure to include re-targeting as part of your advertising strategy!

This is normally used by companies that offer services such as banks, insurance companies and other none bank financial institutions. This basically works with the principle that the affiliate gets to be paid if the customer gets to fill out the details thereby making him a client of the companies in question. This take as a longer time when compared to the rest of the types of affiliates marketing but the reward is often worth the time. This type of program can be leveraged in many different ways. One you might not expect is through Facebook, using software like FB Echo.

Partnership To Success Through Co-Branding

Co-branding is known as combining several brands into one service or product. Companies engage themselves in co-partnering in order to leverage into a strong brand. This kind of business practice is becoming very popular nowadays as companies strive to have a positive relation between various brands which may develop synergy. Such a strategy if well executed may lead to a win-win situation for both partners. It can also help in realization of untapped opportunities or unexplored markets.

Many firms form partnerships in order to fulfill certain goals such as; expand the customer base quickly respond to the customer’s need, for financial benefits, operational benefits,  creation of new client perceived value, have a strong picture for new products and to strengthen their competitive position.

In this kind of alliance, all partners should have good relation which has the ability to commercially benefit all the parties. A co-partnering agreement should include obligations restrictions and rights which are binding to all parties. All these should be drafted carefully so as to give clear and understandable directions to the partners involved. The agreement should also contain explanations regarding the marketing strategies, confidentiality issues, warranties, royalties, disclaimers, payments and brand specifications.

This approach gives opportunities for growth in already existing or exploring untapped markets.  An example of a powerful example can be found here: Partnership To Success Bonus. In these types of alliances, firms combine their services or products in order to develop new offers to their customers. Returns and risks are very important aspects that must be considered.  Cooperation and organization of top managers is very important for the success of the agreement.
John Thornhill

Co-branding brings several benefits to the alliance partners which include:

  • Increased sales: Once the businesses come together, the sales increases as customers get to see or find different products under one company.
  • Exploration of untapped markets with very little expenditure. Customers of a certain product get to see or learn about other services of products from one source. This promotes them to buy as they do not have to spend more time trying to look for that particular item from somewhere else.
  • Ability to access new financial sources. Since companies are able to combine resources; those which are not financially stable benefits from the strong the already established companies.
  • Risk sharing: Unlike in single business operation co-branding benefits partners as they share the risks which would come along. This means there will be no much to lose and still you would benefit from sharing ideas of how they can improve on their marketing strategies to avoid future loses.
  • Companies are able to get higher prices for the worthiness added by brands which are joined with it. This comes when a company partners with more recognized partners who are already established in the market.
  • It also increases client’s confidence on the services or products. New or small companies enjoy customer confidence especially if they partner with a big firm which has already made its name in the market.
  • Increased exposure and coverage from group advertising.